Bytown Storm Triathlon Club

About our Programs

We offer programs for everyone from 8 years old to 80. Our programs are based on the up-to-date training protocols from some of the world’s premiere coaches. Our club philosophy supports everyone to develop at their own pace toward their personal objectives.

Our coaches are some of Canada’s most experienced and successful coaches. We stress process over performance for all athletes through our introductory Storm Troopers and Development Program.

Of course, at some point performance becomes an important part of continuing in sport, and this concept is introduced and supported as the athlete develops objectives and goals where performance is imperative. We offer the opportunity for athletes to prepare for the top levels of the sport in our Junior Development and High Performance streams.

Bytown Storm also offers the most comprehensive Age Group Masters program in Ottawa, incorporating the knowledge and training philosophy of the world’s best elite triathlon coaches and athletes.

In addition, the Storm holds bike draft clinics to prepare athletes for races such as Canada’s first Age Group Draft-Legal triathlon, to be held as part of the 2016 and 2017 Canadian Triathlon Championships in Ottawa.

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About the Bytown Storm Triathlon Club

The Bytown Storm Triathlon Club’s mission is to develop a passion for an active healthy lifestyle through systematic and progressive sport-specific programs that encourage fair play, equality, good sportsmanship and the pursuit of personal excellence through sport.

We believe that all athletes regardless of age need to develop the proper skill sets in order to achieve their potential. “Technique will determine how far your fitness will take you” is one of Coach Greg Kealey’s favourite sayings. We develop all athletes based on this ethos.

Our Provincial, National and International-level athletes will have developed a large “vocabulary” of skill sets that enable them to compete in the most challenging of environments. We encourage our athletes to be patient and persistent. This approach has proven valuable for a number of Storm athletes who have gone on to compete at the highest level in ITU world championships.

Regardless of the objective, to compete at ITU Draft Legal racing, Iron Distance and Recreational events, all triathletes need to be resilient, determined and tough.

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